😎😎 Best Funny WhatsApp Status in hindi 😎😎

😎😎 Best Funny WhatsApp Status in hindi 😎😎

New WhatsApp status Funny

Old loved ones used to search for loyalty, today's lovers look for places !!😎😎

I live alone like a lion, I am not used to being a dog by being in the herd !!😎😎

Girls do not die so much on Golgappas, as much as they die to know my name !!😎😎

I am infamous at this time because I do not know how to change like a person !!😎😎

There is only three principles of my life, application, request and even then, if you do not agree then give it!😎😎

Do not read our personality, we will fall short of your dictionary !!😎😎

Have all the dirty habits of the world, but never learned to cheat anyone !!😎😎

What will any of us do, sir ... We take mother's blessings and father's pistol from home !!😎😎

Mess with me, #Cute I am #Mute but not #Mute !! 😎😎

Keep your #Attitude, you have this #Tevar family.  They will remain like this, they will not change, you reduce your tantrums.😎😎

See # BΠ°Π²y photo is my good, thinking is my dream, but I still haven't got you # PΠ°sΠ°ΠΈd, so # SшeeΡ‚Π½earΡ‚ is still # Bacсhi.😎😎

 Drinking capacity, strength to live, balance of account, and fear of name should never be reduced 😎 😏 😏 😎

Put the strength in your words, not in the voice because the crop is caused by rain, not by flood.😎😎

Neither the eyes are bad… nor the mouth is black… What will anyone spoil… On your head… Damrau hai…

He died of premature death, that of a deer.  Even the hair should not be sorrowful, who is a devotee of Mahakal… every har Mahadev.😎
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