Romantic shayari In English

Romantic shayari in English

 English Romantic shayari in Tamilrockes

1.The eye does not arise towards anyone else, someone's eyes have been restricted to me, I believe that where the faith is now, I have become a Kafir.

2.The knocks of questions are solved without asking, some eyes have so many answers.

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3.The smiling eyes in which Raksa exudes, Shafak, Gul's, Bijli's exploits.

4.Look at that moment when your eyes are full of burdensome eyes, who in my eyes have seen your eyes.

5.Know why I drown every time I see them, I am a river or your eyes are full.

6.Do not hurt both of them, let me bow down to lift you from the dagger.

7.God has given the same happiness to Husno-Ishq, the only difference is in the eyes, it is in the heart.

8.I see his nature, seeing your eyes, how two millions of hearts are filled with alcohol.

Romantic shayari in hindi

9.With whom will he see that he is merciless, not with his eyes in the mirror, who could see the cone that came in his eyes, I swear that we hide him with our eyes, the poison giraiya is our bitch or something.

10.I have made myself sleep hard at night, by giving my eyes the greed of your dreams.

11.Many people rule over me, when I look in his beautiful eyes.

12.Before looking into my eyes, just think ay hujur ... If we bowed our eyes it would be doom, and if we got eyes, then it would be love.
13.Do not hold my eyes again, see you again with love.

14.Hundred hundred hopes are there, at every glance, no one should look at me with such love.

15.Whom I could not answer anyone throughout my life, he was so proud at one glance.

Hindi Romantic shayari in Tamilrockes

16.Just one Latif Tabassum is just looking, the condition of patients and gum can improve.

17.It is Raje-Ishko-Mohabb Fash with these,
 The eyes are not tongue-tied, but not unique.

18.No crazy race
Do not look with eyes in your eyes.

19.That are spoken by their eyes,
Where are those words in poetry?

20.When they look at us with intoxicating eyes,We panic and bow our eyes,
 Who should match those eyes,
 They have heard that they make themselves with their eyes. tamilrockes

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