💕😂 Cool Funny WhatsApp Status in hindi 😂💕

💕😂 Cool Funny WhatsApp Status in hindi 😂💕

The love of love is very good, the discussion of love is very good, we think we should also love, but the expenditure in love is too much.

Kis not like Nokia, people connect, but Pepsi is not like Pepsi, listen, listen to heart, but kiss is like pollen, what will happen to me?

Girls: - Heart is there to cry, because of being a child,😂😂😂
Boy: - Why didn't you cry at first, when you slept with me, now you say kill - kill me, then I used to say and pour darling and pour.😂😂😂

You talk of getting water, talk of burning the heart, you have not washed your mouth for four days, and you do the night of bathing.

If tears come from you, your eyes are yours, your heart is throbbing, your heart be like a friendship, our friendship is so deep, you have a lot of pain on the road and the mistake is mine.😂😂😂

Life is unhappy, there is no sur hai tal hai, the message box is also poor, is your message factory strike, or send it to me, it is a question of my mobile life.😂😂😂

The exams of these exams are also strange, all of them are destined to be theirs, they remain the same questions which are right from the eyes.😂😂😂

There is no fall, the sun is not able to reach the sky, the earth is a power of happiness, not a river, the world can improve but you are not like a langur.😂😂😂

They are angry with us, the match with Zohra has been done, now who will do me Pagli, Arya Petrol Kitna Mehanga has become.😂😂😂

Girl: No, that's wrong
Boy: But I love you
Girl: Still wrong,😂😂😂
Boy: We'll get married,
Girl: Abe is putting you stupid, that wake up is wrong.😂😂😂

Madne ask Munni English lecture,
Madam: Translate this sentence into Hindi -: Pappu Gives Me 14 And 15 Rupees' Munni shurme hai: Maam, Pappu gave me Muje Choda and Pandara Rupees.😂😂😂

Jesus cuts iron, iron cuts, Jesus cuts gold jewelery, jewelery cuts diamonds, Jesus cuts diamonds, diamonds, just to see the same day one day even a dog will bite.

Forgot or want to forget?  Want it, or do you want to go?  Took Ajamma, or want to try it?  Are you messaging or want to save more now?😂😂😂

Never take Tenson in life,
Bindas Hoke I Love You Say,
If you get a sandal in exchange for anger, then say, dear, always be happy.😂😂😂

Boy: What time do you get up?
Girl: There is no time for me, when the heart sleeps, and when the heart wakes up,😂😂😂
Boy: Naughty!  You have just gone to my doggy 😂😂😂

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