Latest Attitude Status In Hindi for whatsapp and facebook status

Latest royal attitude Status In Hindi for whatsapp and facebook status

Latest royal Attitude Status In Hindi for whatsapp and facebook status

It is written on the wall of the City of which we are the king that the coming of the law is forbidden.

We are not single people, sir
We love anyone without telling them.
Look at the game of time, friends
Until yesterday those who were jealous of us,

He is the only one who wants
to meet us today.
Suddenly he refused to take the letter,
Said I had my own break-up.

Romantic since childhood
I am, but Attitude is in my blood.
Our hobbies are bad,
Because we are the kings of the heart,

Those who listen are of the heart and do it of the heart. Our LIFE had just started, the enemies started leaving the city.

Do not be so proud that you are oblivious to your JEET, Merry HAAR has more than your JEET in the city.

Ishq and DOSTI are my two souls
Love is my love, so DOSTI is my faith,
I would love to turn my entire life on love,
But my love for DOSTI is also sacrificed.
We are the LION that has signs of people coming to the cave but not regretting it.

Akdna is the hallmark of every corpse, always bowing down in the same place in which the life takes place.

By looking down and talking, PAGLI, as many as you do not have clothes, I do it everyday.

In which SINGLE is equipped to run
KAFILA is definitely behind them one day.
BUY me with two sweet words of love,

If you think of wealth then you have to SELL the whole world.
We never make DOST, we just fulfill the duty of being BHAI.

We are the ones who know SACH by putting eyes in eyes
You are PYAR just because your lies are also considered SACH

I have given the right to speak BHAI only to FRIENDS, otherwise the enemies still recognize us by the name of FATHER.

Like PAGLI Bajirao, we will also do love till death, we need a RANI to work together just like Mastani.

Do not see the DREAM of imprisoning us in chains because we are that man-eating LION, The BODY of whoever hunts, does LIFE also die?

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The name of our friends is written Love Letter and our name is written FIRST INFORMATION REPORT.

The blood is still the same, neither the DREAM is changed nor listen to the passion again, fame has gone to fame and the fear is still the same among the people.

The way to live our life is slightly different from others, we live on our ZID, not on expectations.

You have come to LIFE but take care, we give up life but do not let go.

When FEELING arrives that all the people have started burning with you, then understand that your name has started running.

There is not so much of a DREAM that we can see and it is not complete.
The NIFAB's LIFE seems destined to live, otherwise everyone's HIFO's LIFE also wins.

Looking at ATTITUDE is the work of small children.  We directly show people their AUKAT.

From where your BADMASHI ends, my BADSHAHI starts from there.
We are your BAAP, who is entangled, go and see us, there is ashes in the Samson.

We are alive only if we are good or otherwise, where would the world live if we were good.

My GF said that your standards 
are not good
I said BABY Sharif is a child
We look good in DADAGEERI.

We are small, we will bow our heads sir
Big decide how much nobility they have
Ruffian, we are from our BIRTHDAY day but no BADMASHI ever appeared

 On the day when BADMASHI showed up, it would be difficult for people to leave the house.

I have never given a brick answer to anyone with a stone, just give the same brick back.

I am the ocean where SHER also comes and he has to drink water with his head bowed.

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Why should we become like anyone else when no one is like us.
Attitude is in my BLOOD, I do not know when this heart has become your slave.

 Why to be proud of the wealth of BAAP, it will be fun when the wealth is your own and pride will be BAAP.

 I remain silent because I understand people right now.

 Sure TIME will be used, but the day I play the bet

 On that day PLAYER will also be his own and GAME will be his own.

 My FRIENDS says never seen a bastard like your brother,

 I said never will you see brother, there is only one left in this whole WORLD.

 From the beginning, we have a habit of seeing whether it is FILM or the destruction of the enemy.

 We know to play both the GUN and the guitar. You have to decide what tune you will dance to.

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