Good Morning Shayari in English

Good Morning Shayari in English

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 If you are looking for Best Good morning Shayari, you are at right place.  We bring you best shayari, which you can send it to your relatives, your friends, your lover etc.  So what are you waiting for just send this shayari on whatsapp or Facebook.  Visit us for More cool and best Shayari collection.

 Good Morning Shayari in English

1.Stay in my breath as a fragrance
Flowing in my veins like blood,
Friends are precious jewels of relationships,
That is why we say Good Morning every morning.

2.Keep smiling every morning,

Every evening, you keep on chanting.
I pray that whomever you get,
May every person persecute you.
"good Morning have nice day.

3.May morning light be with you,

Every day every moment is special for you,
Dua comes from the heart for you,
You have all the happiness,
Good morning

4.May your memories be with you in the morning,

May the sound of sweet birds,
Smile always on your face,
And only be with you in our life.

5.Morning rays come and pick

you up
Let the cold breeze come and
make you feel
Then you will remember our 
love And smile on your lips

6.Give a message in the morning

You have to give first salute in
the morning
All your days are in happiness
Give your morning a beautiful name

7.This world starts walking in the morning,

I miss you,
May every happiness of the world be in your hands
Just this prayer starts coming from my lips.

8.With a smelling feeling,

With a new belief,
With buds blooming in the garden,
May your day begin with a sweet smile. Good morning

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9.May your 'smile' everyday,

Sometimes the face is 'Lotus' and sometimes 'Rose',
'24' Hours of Pleasure 365 Days
Just have a day like this.

The most beautiful day is yours

Our heart only wants this.

10.Never step back,

You will definitely get an edge.
Fight the darkness of these black nights,
You will definitely get a new morning.

11.Keep turning sorrow into happiness,

Keep going slowly but slowly.
Have a good day!

12.It was a pleasant evening and the dawn came, the fire broke out loud and I missed you.

13.Keep roses blooming in your life forever,

Always keep a smile on your face,
Our heart always blesses you,
There will always be a wave of happiness on your path.

14.With the pure winds of the morning,

Ray of the sun, with a beautiful scent,
Happy you start a new, beautiful and successful day
 Good morning

15.I ask morning moonlight

I ask for the color of flowers to be darker
My fame is not related to wealth
I need you every morning just with you

16.The golden starry nights pass,

Love misses those lovely things again,
Your meet with happiness,
So the day starts with smiling.

17.Have a lovely morning

Let all your sorrows become old
Let this new day be so happy
That happiness can also be crazy about you.

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